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Attention Honda Customers: Are your tires talking?

How soon do I need to check my tires when the light goes on?

  • As soon as it is safe to do so, check your tires and take the appropriate action.  Having properly inflated tires is important to your safety and your vehicle’s fuel economy.

What does the TPMS indicator mean?

  • Your Honda also includes a separate indicator regarding the status of the TPMS system itself.  If the letters “TPMS” illuminate within the gauge cluster, it means that the Tire Pressure Monitoring System has a fault and the system may no longer be monitoring the tire pressure.  A dealer visit is required.

What else should I do to ensure tire safety?

  • There is no substitute for regularly inspecting your tires – do not wait for a warning light before checking your tires.  Review your Owner’s Manual.  Do not use the tire pressures listed on the tire.  Since temperature affects tire pressure, it is best to check tires when they are cold, i.e., when they haven’t been driven for at least three hours.

If you have any questions about your tires or other maintenance issues, check your Owner’s Manual or consult with the Schaller Honda service department 860-826-2060

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